What to wear?

This is such an important part of your photo shoot; you’ll want to put some thought into what you wear. 

Go with your own style, but take it to the next level. Neutral colors make for lovely, softer pictures. Bright colors make a bolder statement.  Avoid logos, characters, and busy patterns as they distract from the stars in the photos. 

I love, love, love adding personality with interesting scarves, hats, headbands, tights.  Bring some options and we’ll see how they look on camera.  Tutus, crowns, capes, funky boots – let’s see them.

If you’re struggling with what to choose, let’s talk about it.  Some places I’ve found great outfits include, The Gap for Kids, Miniboden (bodenusa.com or Nordstrom), Zulily.com has great sales.  Shoes should be clean, and bare feet are adorable!

For kids and babies, you’ll want to bring some back-up outfits.

For families, you want to wear clothes that complement one another, but not too ‘matchy matchy.’  In real life, you just don’t see a family of five cruising around in white shirts and blue jeans. Coordinate, but don’t match exactly.  Keep big jewelry to a minimum, too. 

For newborns, they look best in their birthday suits.  You don’t want to cover up those tiny arms and legs or funny feet.  A nice diaper cover or pretty headband is perfect.  Make sure to keep babies in loose clothing if you want photos of your baby without clothes or diaper to avoid any indentations in the skin from tight clothes.


How about shoes, hair and accessories?

My motto – “simple is best!”  Bare feet are always in style! Jewelry, bows and doodads should be kept at a minimum for a more timeless feel.  In my opinion “natural’ hair (how they wear it everyday) looks great!


Anything else I should think about?

Remember that hands are often shown in photographs, so try to have everyone’s nails neat.

Chapstick works well for smoothing dry lips – and oh... I hate to even mention it…but…

kids look best with clean faces and….um…clean noses.



Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions take place on location.  During our consultation, we’ll discuss the overall feel and look you are envisioning from our session.  The location is a great contributor for the style of photographs.  If you have a place that’s especially meaningful, let’s talk about it. If you’d like some guidance, I have plenty of locations for you to consider.  Austin is full of color and personality. It’s a photographer’s dream.


What if I want the session at my home?

Homes are usually wonderful places for sessions since they reflect your style and kids are already familiar there.  Two things to consider are the amount of natural light in a room and the room’s contents.  Natural light is essential for lovely pictures.  You’ll want the rooms in the photographs to serve as a nice background. Depending on the room or rooms chosen, we’ll work together to unclutter and remove distracting objects. 

Home sessions are a must for newborn photography sessions.  It’s easier on them – and you.


When is the best time?

For outdoor photographs, early morning and late afternoon make for the best portraits because the sun is soft and lovely.  For in home sessions, we’ll schedule when natural light is available.

Maternity sessions should be the last half of the third trimester to get those fantastic belly shots.  Don’t wait too long, as some babies come early.

Newborn sessions should happen within the first two weeks after birth to get those sleepy, curled up poses.  After two weeks, babies are more alert and crave being held.  These sessions should be tentatively scheduled based on the expected delivery date.

Most small children are happiest in the morning.  Well-rested children with happy tummies make the best photo subjects!


How much should I plant to invest? 

It’s a personal choice, but something that should be considered before the session.  Portraits are an investment and will become heirlooms.

My portrait style lends itself to great, artistic wall displays. Most clients also choose some sort of album, as well as prints for family members, offices and gifts.

I offer a multitude of interesting photo items, including prints, albums, charms, phone cases, metal art pieces. We’ll discuss. 

Creative fee is $200.  This is a non-refundable deposit which secures your session date and covers my time and talent.  Print prices start at $40 for a 5x7. 


What should I expect the day of the shoot?

Relax.  This should be a time of fun and ease, so no stress.  Don’t build up the day too much with your kids, just say a new friend is coming over and will probably take some pictures.  I’ll visit with the kids first to get them warmed up to my camera and me.  The best pictures happen what kids are comfortable and can be themselves.




Be patient –art can take time.

Trust me – I will get the shots and the smiles.

Know when to step away – sometimes children do better with mom or dad isn’t paying attention.


When can I see my images?

Your session images will be ready to view within two weeks after your session.  I will create a private, online gallery you are welcome to share.  The gallery will remain available for 14 days.  Orders should be submitted before the gallery expires.  There will be an additional fee to republish the gallery after its expiration or extend it beyond its 14 days.  Payment must be made in full at time of ordering.


When will my portraits be ready?

Once your order is placed, your final prints will be ready in approximately 4-5 weeks.  Fine Arts prints and specialty items (jewelry, bags) may take longer.  Holiday orders may take longer due to high volume.



Session Timeline:

Before your custom photo session:

Deposit is transferable only if necessary for illness or inclement weather.

We’ll schedule a pre-session consultation via phone.  This will help me custom design your session and make it very personal for you. We’ll discuss clothing, what to bring, session contract and model release form.


During your custom session:

Relax, enjoy, have fun!

Bring a few favorite toys, lovies, dress up clothes for some fun photos.

Maximum of 3 outfit changes as time allows.  Kids get fussy with too many changes.

I would like to focus all of my attention on the people in the photos, so please do not bring extra family members or friends. It's simply too distracting to children.




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